Getting to Murder 2: Finding George Zimmerman’s “Depraved Mind”

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If you’re wondering about how, and whether, the State will be able to prove George Zimmerman guilty of second degree murder, you might find it interesting to take a look at a detailed blog post I did on this very subject over at Legal Insurrection, in which I discuss the legal thresholds the prosecution will need to overcome to achieve a conviction.

After all, unless the prosecution can prove the elements of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt we won’t even get to matters of self defense.

Zimmerman is also subject to conviction on a lesser included charge, manslaughter, the dynamics of which I also discuss in that same post, available here:

Getting to Murder 2: Finding George Zimmerman’s “Depraved Mind”

For those who are interested, my end-of-day video and analysis of the Day 5 (Friday, June 28, 2013) of Florida v. Zimmerman has just been posted:

Zimmerman Trial Day 5 – Analysis & Video – State’s own witnesses undercut theory of guilt

To see our three “breaking news” reports, click below:

Zimmerman trial blockbuster — Eyewitness says Trayvon on top punching Mixed Martial Arts style

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL BLOCKBUSTER — TRANSCRIPT — Eyewitness Good: Black guy in black hoodie on top punching down Mixed Martial Arts style

Has State Opened Door to Defense Introducing Martin Fight Video?

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    Hi Andrew, could you explain why the defense can’t use Trayvon’s past history of fighting? if according to the Judge, the prosecution could bring in 2 year old school records to substantiate their ‘theory’, why then can’t the defense bring in the fighting history which I think is very relevant to support their ‘theory’ ? certainly supports who was likely the aggressor casting doubt on the prosecution theory…

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