Zimmerman Trial Day 4: Video, Analysis of State’s Case & Witnesses

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We’re trying something different for today’s mid-day update. Rather than write a bunch of text, I’ve imbedded below some of the more key tweets I’ve made over the course of the morning. (This has the benefit of giving me a few minutes to each some lunch.)

Hopefully, the tweets below will give you a sense for how West’s cross-examination of Rachel Jeantel has gone so far this morning. We’ll have a detailed analysis, of course, in this evening’s end-of-day wrap-up post.

Zimmerman Update Exclusive — Mid-Day 4 — West’s Cross-Examination of Rachel Jeantel

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Zimmerman Trial LIVE VIDEO – Day 4 – State’s Witnesses

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4 thoughts on “Zimmerman Trial Day 4: Video, Analysis of State’s Case & Witnesses”

  1. bansheeoboyle@aol.com

    I hope that the prosecution call as witness Zimmerman’s MMA trainer. Zimmerman had been in MMA training for a year and a half and if you look at photos of him at the time, he was looking lean and mean. If you’ve ever seen or known someone who has been in MMA training for a year and a half, you would know that they would not go down easily. Trayvon may have been taller than GZ, but he was a skinny kid. No match for an MMA master with a gun.
    Any MMA experts out there?

    1. nomorebsplz@excite.com

      I am not sure you would want that if you are on the state’s side. Because the instructor would have to explain how after 1.5 years of training a 12 year old with skittles beat his … yeah.
      Also, the gun was not out in his hands for crying out loud. What did he do, hold the gun in his mouth while on the phone? And why would he need a gun if he’s an mma master and why didn’t he use his mma bruce lee skills to beat up the black kid 3 weeks ago that he called in, when he wanted to stay in the car and admitted “I don’t want to confront him”

      Maybe one day people will realize “Oh, the people who hide in cars and call the cops are usually cowards, not alpha male aggressors”. What a concept. Kind of like reading Trayvon’s texts regarding his fights and how others don’t bleed enough (only from the nose).

      There comes a point when adults need to just stop using emotion and use their brains. Self defense is a part of life – if you feel you cannot ever have the opportunity to stand up on your two feet again, you aren’t going to risk your life hoping the attacker stops because anonymous people on the internet, who hate white people or guns, or both, don’t want you to. If you were ever attacked, or mugged, or held hostage you would sing a different tune.

      Just trust me.

      Mr Branca, ty for this blog and keep up the good work. It’s good to know there are reasonable people in the digital wild wild west.

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