Zimmerman Trial Day 3: Video, Analysis of State’s Case & Witnesses

Hey folks,
Today marks the third day of the trial proper, with the State continuing to present it’s case and witnesses.

We will be covering the trial all day, with live-coverage, streaming video, and an embedded Twitter feed of selected contributors.

You can watch it all here (but note this link may not go live until Court is in session, about 9:00AM):

Zimmerman Trial LIVE VIDEO – Day 3 – State’s Witnesses

We’re also trying something new today: a brief mid-day wrap-up during the lunch recess, and a brief end-of-day wrap-up in the five-o’clock hour, as well as the usual detailed end-of-day wrap-up later in the evening.

Also, don’t forget to “follow” my Twitter feed–most of my minute-by-minute observations, analysis, and just funny remarks over the course of the day are published on my Twitter feed: @LawSelfDefense (no “of” in there).

To see yesterday’s very, very bad day for the prosecution, click here:

Zimmerman Trial Day 2 – Analysis of State’s Witnesses




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