Zimmerman Trial: Evidentiary Flashback: Zimmerman’s 1st Written Statement to Police the Night of the Shooting

George Zimmerman fired the shot that killed Trayvon Martin at 7:17PM, Sunday, February 26, 2012.
Just over four hours later, at 11:36PM, Zimmerman signed a 4-page written statement recounting the events of the shooting to Investigator Singleton of the Sanford Police Department.

Here is a transcribed version of that statement. (Images of the actual statement can be seen below the transcript.)

Page 1:

In August of 2011 my neighbors house was broken into while she was home with her infant son.  The intruders attempted to attack her and her child; however, SPD reported to the scene of the crime and the robber fled.  My wife saw the intruders running from the home and became scared of the rising crime within our neighborhood.   I, and my neighbors, formed a “Neighborhood Watch Program.”  We were instructed by SPD to call the non-emergency line if we saw anything suspicious & 911 if we saw a crime in progress.  Tonight, I was on my way to the grocery store when I saw a male approximately 5′ 11″ to 6′ 2″ casually walking in the rain looking into homes.  I pulled my vehicle over and called SPD non-ermergency number.  I told the dispatcher what I had witnessed, the dispatcher took note of my location & the suspect fled . . .

Page 2:

. . . to a darkened area of the sidewalk, as the dispatcher was asking me for an exact location the suspect emerged from the darkness and circled my vehicle.  I could not hear if he said anything.  The suspect once again disappeared between the back of some houses.  The dispatcher once again asked me for my exact location.  I could not remember the name of the street, so I got out of my car to look for a street sign.  The dispatcher asked me for a description and the direction the suspect went.  I told the dispatcher I did not know but I was out of my vehicle looking for a stret sign and the direction the suspect went.  The dispatcher told me not to follow the suspect & that an officer was in route (sic).  As I headed back to my vehicle the suspect said “You got a problem,” I said “No.”  The suspect said, “you do now.”  As I looked . . .

Page 3:

. . . and tried to find my phone to dial 911 the suspect punched me in the face.  I fell backwards onto my back.  The suspect got on top of me.  I yelled “help!” several times.  The suspect told me “Shut the fuck up” as I tried to sit upright, the suspect grabbed my head and slammed it into the concrete sidewalk several times.  I continued to yell “Help” each time I attempted to sit up, the suspect slammed my head into the sidewalk.  My head felt like it was going to explode.  I tried to slide out from under the suspect and continued to yell “Help!”  As I slid the suspect covered my mouth and nose and stopped my breathing.  At this point I felt the suspect reach for my now exposed firearm and say, “Your gonna die tonight Mother Fucker!”  I unholstered my firearm in fear for my life as he had assured he was going to kill . . .

Page 4:

. . . me and fired one shot into his torso.  The suspect sat back allowing me to sit up and said, “You got me!”  At this point I slid out from underneath him and got on top of the suspect holding his hands away from his body.  An onlooker appeared and asked me if I was ok.  I said “no.”  He said “I am calling 911.” I said “I don’t need you to call 911, I already called them, I need you to help me restrain this guy.”  At this point a SPD officer arrived and asked “Who shot him.”  I said “I did” and I laced my hands on top of my head and told the officer where on my person my firearm was holstered.  The officer handcuffed me and disarmed me.  The officer then placed me in the back of his vehicle.

To view a PDF of the statement in its original written form, click:  120226 ZImmermans 1st written statement to police










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