LIVE: Zimmerman Trial All-Day Coverage (Today: Jury Selection)

I’ve just launched the start of my all-day coverage of State of Florida v. Zimmerman (1712FO4573) over at Legal Insurrection. In addition to the types of comprehensive legal analysis already posted there in the course of last week’s pretrial hearings, we are introducing all-day coverage of the trial itself, including a live video feed from the court room and live Twitter feed of selected commentators. Over the course of the day I’ll include brief commentary on significant events as they occur, complemented by more in-depth analysis as developments warrant.
As I write this, the Court, defense, and State are each reviewing a large stack of juror questionnaires completed by 100 prospective jurors earlier this morning.

For all the latest news about, and the best analysis (*cough-cough*) of, on the Zimmerman trial, Legal Insurrection is the place to be.



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