Zimmerman Case: Prosecution Speech Expert: “This is not really good evidence.”

Hey folks,
Over at Legal Insurrection I just posted on what can only be described as the train-wreck Frye hearing testimony of the state’s two speech experts.  Based on what I heard live streaming the testimony, it’s hard to believe either of these guys would be called to testify at trial–the blood letting by the defense would only get worse.

Also, breaking news, for the first time we have an exemplar of Trayvon Martin’s voice, obtained by ABC News.  To date, the lack of an exemplar has greatly complicated speech analysis of the background screams in the Witness #11 911 call.

Trayvon’s voice can be heard here (note that I’ve looped the little I have three times).

For comparison purposes, the relevant portion of the Witness #11 911 call can be heard here.

For the whole story and analysis on these breaking events, see the full post at Legal Insurrection:

Zimmerman Prosecution’s Voice Expert admits: “This is not really good evidence”




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