Zimmerman case: Out of the Frye-ing pan, into the spectagraph

Hey folks,
Just touching base to let you know I’ve made another blog post on Legal Insurrection regarding the Zimmerman case.  This one focuses on the start of yesterday’s Frye hearing to determine what expert testimony, if any, will be allowed at trial on whether it was Martin or Zimmerman screaming in the background of the Witness #11 911 call.

The Legal Insurrection blog post can be accessed directly here.

Later this morning I’ll be post on the devastating testimony yesterday of Dr. Hirotaka Nakasone, the FBI’s expert on speaker recognition, and his conclusion that attempting to identify the person screaming from the Witness #11 recording can only be described as scientifically “disturbing”.  I’ll discuss his explanation why in detail.  Keep your eyes open for it!



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