LI: Analysis: Government’s laughable arguments in 9th Circuit 2nd Amendment case

This past Tuesday, the 9th Circuit held oral arguments en banc on two consolidated Second Amendment cases, Peruta v. County of San Diego and Richards v. County of Yolo.
For a bit of background on this matter, please refer to yesterday’s post, “Full 9th Circuit hears ‘Good Cause’ 2A Ruling,” in which we provide this relevant background as well as a discussion of the pro-Second Amendment side of the argument as presented by Attorneys Paul Clement and Alan Gura.

In this post we cover the gun control side of the argument as presented by Attorneys Edward Dumont, for the State of California and San Diego County, and John Whitesides, for Yolo County. We also include the three-minute rebuttals each by Clement and Gura, thus completing the entirety of the en banc hearing.

For the whole post, click over to Legal Insurrection.

A rough transcript of the entire en banc hearing is embedded below:

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