LI: Apparent Sweetheart Plea Deal for New Black Panther Bombers

It looks like two members of the St. Louis Chapter of the New Black Panthers who planned multiple terrorist bombings around Ferguson, MO last year have been gifted a sweetheart plea deal from Obama’s Department of Justice, based upon reports by Fox News/Associated Press and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Today Olajuwon Ali Davis (on left in the featured picture above) and Brandon Orlando Baldwin (aka Brandon Muhammad, on right in picture), both 22,  changed their plea of “not guilty” to accept a plea arrangement in which they will each serve 7 years in Federal prison.

That means both men will be back on the street and free to continue terrorizing innocent people while still under the age of 30.

If convicted of the charges initially brought against them they would each have faced decades in prison.

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