LI: Guests Flabbergasted When Hannity Defends Zimmerman

So this happened last night.
Sean Hannity had two guests on his show to discuss race relations. Eric Guster, a criminal defense attorney (on the left in the video below), and Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis (next to Guster).

Hannity was making the argument that President Obama should refrain from injecting himself into racial incidents because Obama is, according to Hannity, a “three time loser” in such situations. In illustrating this point Hannity mentions the name Trayvon Martin, and that’s where the wheels come off.

Defense Attorney Guster immediately interrupts Hannity to ask, incredulously, if the show host believes Zimmerman was right in shooting Trayvon. When Hannity responds, “Absolutely,” we get a nice pair of flabbergasted head explosions, which Hannity counters actual knowledge of the facts and law of the case.

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