UPDATED: VIDEO: Shooter Ready? Homeowner LIGHTS UP Home Invaders

UPDATED (5/22/15): I’ve new information on this event, from Western Journalism:

According to media coverage near the Uberlândia, Brazil, neighborhood in which the ordeal took place, three men followed their victims as they returned home, entering through the garage. The male resident, still in his car as he noticed the trio approaching, pulled out his gun and opened the door firing. For the lead intruder, the encounter proved deadly.

Eliseu Santos, 32, was reportedly pronounced dead upon his arrival at a local hospital. His two alleged accomplices initially fled on foot; however, at least one has reportedly been arrested in connection with the incident.

At one point in the video, the critically wounded intruder apparently fires his own gun, even as he is sustaining multiple shots from the homeowner – reportedly an off-duty police officer – at point-blank range.


A buddy of mine who must go unnamed for professional reasons linked me to the following video today, originally sourced from a web site called Full 30.  (I was not previously familiar with Full 30, but it looks interesting–think I’ll take a closer look over the weekend.)

The video shows an attempted home invasion, in which three miscreants–at least the leader of which is armed with a pistol–enters in a garage into which the driver and passenger have just pulled their car.  The miscreants have apparently been lurking outside, and grabbed the edge of the automatic garage door before it has fully closed, forcing it open in order to enter behind the car.

The leader, pistol in hand, immediately strolls towards the driver side door, while two of his assistants enter the garage behind them.  There is thus a two-fold deadly force threat in the form of the aggressor’s firearm and disparity of numbers (particularly so if it turns out the passenger is a female).

The driver’s response to this clearly imminent deadly force threat is appropriately forceful, and indicative of a person with thorough situational awareness.  I don’t know if the driver saw the thugs lurking outside, and thus was forewarned, or if his passenger is an RO/SO who chose that moment to practice range commands, but in any case the defensive firing comes fast and furious.

Here’s the video, below.  First I run through it at regular speed and without audio (it’s a silent video) to give a sense for the whole thing, and then we step through it with pauses to talk through the action.

I’m afraid I don’t know any of the backstory to this case, at least for the moment, but if I come across additional information I’ll be sure to update this post.

2 thoughts on “UPDATED: VIDEO: Shooter Ready? Homeowner LIGHTS UP Home Invaders”

  1. blamethemonkey@mailforce.net

    Couldn’t the driver get into trouble for shooting at the two punks by the door who were clearly fleeing by the time he started shooting at them? Especially since they would obviously have been shot in the back. Wouldn’t that be hard to justify when the dirtbag files a civil suite?

    1. andrewbranca@gmail.com

      All three were working together as a coordinated unit to commit an armed felony, and each is as responsible as the other. With the leader having a firearm, and actually firing it at the defender, it’s a reasonable inference that the others would be similarly armed. A fleeing man still armed with a firearm can turn in an instant and kill you.
      The fact that all this took place within the defender’s home obviously also plays into the narrative.

      All that said, I focus on criminal consequences of use of force, not civil, and of course plaintiff’s lawyers can make pretty much any argument they like. One can always make more money.

      So long as one stays out of jail. 🙂

      –Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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