Detroit Front Porch Shooting case: Day 1 End-of-Day Wrap-Up

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In addition to the two reporters and the photographer identified in the mid-day wrap-up–Gina Damron (@ginadamron) and Elisha Anderson (@elishaanderson), and the photographer Mandi Wright (@DetroitMandi), =all with the Detroit Free Press– we also make extensive use here of the Twitter feed of a fourth reporter, @oralandar_DN with the Detroit news.

In summary of the afternoon, the state brought two witnesses: Carmen Beasley, the woman whose husband’s parked car was struck by Renisha McBride in front of Beasley’s home several hours before McBride was shot by Wafer. It was Beasley who first called 911, and who first communicated with the dazed and injured McBride. This accident took place about a mile from Wafer’s home, the site of the shooting.

Also appearing was Dearborn police officer Ruben Gonzalez, who was among the first responders on the scene. Gonzalez interacted directly with Wafer, and helped to secure the crime scene.

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Detroit Front Porch Shooting case: Day 1 End-of-Day Wrap-Up

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