VIDEO: Law of Self Defense Road Trip: Riding Blue Ridge Pkwy and Mt. Mitchell

Hey folks,
Some really great news yesterday on the civil rights front–I’ve been personally targeted by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (@CSGV) to be SHUT UP! because they fear my teachings of the law of self-defense.  They tried to pressure Campbell Law School to disinvite me from speaking–Campbell stood strong.


And now they’re doing the same to get UC Berkeley to disinvite me from the April 22 debate on Stand Your Ground.

CSGV Berkeley

Note that CSGV doesn’t come to engage in the debate and show the world how superior their intellectual arguments are, although I’ve repeatedly invited them to do so. Oh, no, no, no.  Cowards never engage directly.  They just want me to SHUT UP!

I guess they don’t know me at all. 🙂  (Also, @CSGV, thanks for the boost in book and seminar sales, it’s much appreciated.)

Anyway, I certainly hope they keep it up–I couldn’t possibly afford to pay for this kind of advertising:  “Learn the Law of Self Defense From the Lawyer the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Fears to Debate!”  Hahahaha!

Indeed, I’m going to get both those tweets blown up and hung on my office wall, like animal trophies.  🙂

But enough about those intellectual cowards for a moment.  Today’s post is more about my road trip, and motorcycle riding in particular.

So, I find myself in the Hickory NC area to attend a good friend’s wedding.  Having come here straight from Campbell Law School’s talk on Tuesday, and with the bachelor part functions not starting until today, I had yesterday free to do a few hours of fun riding.  And where better to do that than the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I didn’t have much time, only 3 hours or so, so all I could do was put a toe in the water so to speak. I decided to head out to Mt. Mitchell, which is the highest peak of the Adirondacks, at 6,700 feet (indeed, when I rode back down the mountain, my ears “popped”).  I set out from the hotel about 9AM or so:

The weather was very nice in Hickory, but by the time I got out to Mt. Mitchell, and especially once I started ascending, the weather got much worse pretty quickly, including rain and heavy fog. Normally rain and heavy fog don’t bother me too much, but on mountain switchbacks–see featured pic at top for a taste–where a few feet off your intended line can plummet you hundreds of feet downward, it gets a little intimidating. In fact, I never made the summit–about 4 minutes away from the summit the fog got so bad I could barely see a yard in front of the bike. Prudence suggested I turn around–and I did.

But I do have some small video clips I thought I’d share. Here are the “Twin Tunnels” on the Blue Ridge Parkway, first ascending and then descending:

And a few minutes of those switchbacks I mentioned earlier–if you weren’t sure that I really rode like an old man, here’s the proof 🙂 :

That’s about it, really. I had hoped for some nice photos from the top of the mountain, but most of the mountain was shrouded in fog and rain. Anyway, had some nice technical riding, and that was fun.

Today, the bachelor party. Sorry, no “hookers and blow”, but lots of shotguns, shells, and (hopefully) smashed shells. Fifteen or so of us will be shooting, so should be quite a blast (haha, get it?).

More later.

–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

Andrew F. Branca is an MA lawyer and the author of the seminal book “The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition,” available at the Law of Self Defense blog, (paperback and Kindle), Barnes & Noble (paperback and Nook), and elsewhere.

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    How do I say this politely , They are either too ignorant to understand the law , or they just choose to ignore the facts. The more they cry racism , they worse they look. Nobody is above the law.

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