VIDEO: Law of Self Defense Road Trip: More Rain Riding & Arrival in Raleigh

Hey folks,
Well, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve ridden extensively in the rain, but I have to say today was some of the heaviest rain I’ve ever ridden through.  But to start at the beginning, I left the Quantico VA area about 8:30AM, with the bike packed up and rain covers on the baggage not lucked up in the panniers.


It was raining steadily, but not in much volume:

But the rain didn’t stay light. Within an hour or so it had increased to perhaps the heaviest rain I’ve ever ridden through:

Late in the afternoon–well after I should have already arrived at my Raleigh hotel–I broke down and stopped at a McDonald’s to grab some chow and some coffee. Yes, I got plenty of stares, sloshing in wearing my “astronaut” (or “aquanaut”) riding gear and dripping buckets of water everywhere. Oh, and here’s my lunch–Quarter Pounder meal. Yum, yum.


I’d hoped that by the time I left things would have lightened up. No such luck:

By the time I was 45 minutes outside of Raleigh, however, the rain slowed, and finally stopped:

And by the time I got to my hotel I was only half a frightening monster to the poor young lady behind the counter:

A hot shower and a cup of coffee later, and I began to feel human again.

OK, time to get ready for dinner with Luke and his co-host Ben from Triangle Tactical and a few other folks. More later.


Campbell Law School is NOT co-located with Campbell University. The law school is located in downtown Raleigh, at 225 Hillsborough Street #303, Raleigh, NC 27603.

Non-students are free to attend my talk at Noon (it runs to 1PM or so).  It’s free.  Simply follow the instructions below:

It’s being held in Room 105, which is on the first floor of the law school. Guests should use the entrance on the east side of the building and check in with security. Room 105 is down the hallway to the left of the elevators. There is a public parking deck south of the law school.

–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

Andrew F. Branca is an MA lawyer and the author of the seminal book “The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition,” available at the Law of Self Defense blog, (paperback and Kindle), Barnes & Noble (paperback and Nook), and elsewhere.

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