Florida “Warning Shot” bill heads to Governor. What’s it REALLY say?

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Today the Florida Senate voted overwhelmingly (32 to 7) to pass SB-448, the state’s so-called “warning shot” bill. The same bill was passed overwhelmingly (93 to 24) by the Florida House, as HB-89, just two weeks. As a result, the bill now proceeds to the desk of Governor Rick Scott, who seems certain to sign it into law.

Much of the discussion of SB-448 is replete with terms like “warning shot” and “stand-your-ground.” In reality, however, the law does not even mention the term “warning shot,” nor does it make any substantive changes whatever to Florida’s stand-your-ground law.

So, what exactly does SB-448 do?  For the full analysis, check out my post over at Legal Insurrection:

Florida “Warning Shot” Bill Passes Senate, Heads to Governor’s Desk


–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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