Weekly Law Report: 2015 #22 (May 18-22, 2015)

Here’s the latest Law of Self Defense Weekly Law Report: 2015 #22, covering the week from May 18 through May 22, 2015, with new self-defense cases from CA, FL, GA, IN, MA, MI, MN, MS and TX.

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Waitress: “Today’s special? Whoop-ass, with a side of beat-down.”

In this video clip a bar customer tries to order off an unreceptive menu, by reaching to shove his money down the waitress’ top. (h/t Josh M., again.)

She responds appropriately, by vigorously blocking his extended arm, and stepping back.

He gets […]

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GRAPHIC: #1: Don’t fight if don’t have to. #2: If have to, fight like this cat.

Brief video of a young child being attacked by an unprovoked dog on the loose, and defended by his family cat.

By the way, look at the injuries, in featured pic above, inflicted by that not very large dog. Anybody […]

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VIDEO: How fast does the fight go down? THIS fast.

The following video (from Live Leak, h/t Josh M.) depicts an off-duty Brazilian police officer who happens to be captured on security cam as he suddenly finds himself confronted by an armed robber rushing past him from the scene of […]

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VIDEO: Total Acquittal of Cleveland Officer Brelo in Shooting Trial

This is a case in which two alcohol- and cocaine-riddled low-level dirtbags were reported to have fired a gun at police, then led 62–that’s SIXTY-TWO–Cleveland PD patrol cars on a night-time 22-mile, 100mph chase through urban Cleveland, until they were […]

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Hey folks,

I came across this fantastic video yesterday, in which a fellow who goes by the handle of TWANGnBang on YouTube, Twitter (@TWANGnBANG), Facebook, and likely elsewhere, tells a personal story of a defensive gun use (DGU).

Full disclosure, I’d never heard […]

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UPDATED: VIDEO: Shooter Ready? Homeowner LIGHTS UP Home Invaders

UPDATED (5/22/15): I’ve new information on this event, from Western Journalism:
According to media coverage near the Uberlândia, Brazil, neighborhood in which the ordeal took place, three men followed their victims as they returned home, entering through the garage. The male […]

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Weekly Law Report: 2015 #21 (May 11-15, 2015)

Here’s the newest Law of Self Defense Weekly Law Report: 2015 #21, covering the week from May 11 through May 15, 2015, with new self-defense cases from CA, FL, IN, OH, PA and TX.

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Weekly Law Report: 2015 #20 (May 4-8, 2015)

Here’s the newest Law of Self Defense Weekly Law Report Weekly: 2015 #20, covering the week from May 4 through May 8, 2015, with new self-defense cases from NC, TX and VA.

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More Mosby: “Evidence Cannot Be Released Before Trial”

Prosecutor Mosby is becoming the gift that keeps on giving.  Last Friday she was a heroine of the Progressive movement, and now just days later we find her rapidly sliding into legal parody of Onion-esque proportions.

As it becomes clear that there apparently […]

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