NR: A Progressive Guide to Thanksgiving Conversation

More great stuff from Charles C.W. Cooke at National Review:
In the great progressive spirit, here are a few tips on how to talk to — and morally improve — your family this Thanksgiving:

1. Your crazy uncle complains in passing that […]

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So THIS happened . . . [Profanity warning]

Apparently someone didn’t like a few of my tweets last night re the Laquan McDonald shooting case in Chicago:
Name: Go fuck yourself

Email: Faggotstomper@gmail.com

Subject: Fuck your lies

You hypocrite piece of shit. Who the fuck do you think you are? I hope […]

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LI: Texan Who Videotaped His Own “Self-Defense” Convicted on Re-Trial

Over at Legal Insurrection:
This past Monday we wrote about the start of the re-trial of retired firefighter Raul Rodriguez who was previously convicted of murder and sentenced to 40 years in jail after shooting a neighbor over a dispute about […]

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LI: Changes Proposed to Florida’s Infamous “10-20-Life” Sentencing Law

Looks like some changes may be coming for Florida’s “10-20-Life” mandatory minimum sentencing scheme:
One of Florida’s more interesting laws is the so-called “10-20-Life” statute, properly cited as §775.087 Possession or use of weapon; aggravated battery; felony reclassification; minimum sentence.  In […]

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Hey, I Got Mentioned on the NRA Facebook Page!

Seems my recent posts at Legal Insurrection on the “faux science” published in the journal Social Science & Medicine on the issue of Stand-Your-Ground got me a personal mention by the NRA-ILA, and on the NRA Facebook page.

Here’s the Facebook […]

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SPEECH: Abraham Lincoln, “Gettysburg Address”

Today is the 152nd anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address,” at a mere ten sentences perhaps the briefest great speech in human history.

Lincoln delivered the address on November 19, 1863 at the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery in Gettysburg […]

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LI: Self-Defense Immunity Motion In Florida Movie Theater Shooting

I’ve previously written over at Legal Insurrection about the Florida movie theater shooting, in which retired police officer Curtis Reeves shot and killed Chad Oulson in claimed self-defense after the two men argued about Oulson’s use of his cell phone […]

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LI: Florida Effort to Change Burden on Self-Defense Immunity Fails

Here’s the intro:
A couple of months ago we posted here about the effort of Florida legislator Dennis Braxley to change Florida’s self-defense immunity law: Major Change Proposed for Florida Self-defense Immunity Law.

Under the proposed change a person claiming self-defense immunity […]

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Kurt Schlichter: “What Defeating ISIS Would Look Like”

More great stuff from Kurt, this time writing over at IJReview.

Here’s a teaser:
Here, at night in the heart of the caliphate, the only sound was the laughing of the ISIS fighters lounging about in the safety of their capital. The […]

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LI: Retrial Begins for Texas Firefighter Who Filmed “Stand-Your-Ground”

A re-trial begins this week in Houston for retired firefighter Raul Rodriguez who was previously convicted of murder and sentenced to 40 years in jail.  Rodriquez had unsuccessfully argued self-defense at trial. The notable oddity of this case was the […]

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