Review: Rangemaster Tactical Conference 2015

Hey folks,

This past weekend I was fortunate to be a speaker at Tom Givens’ Rangemaster Tactical Conference 2015.  Naturally I talked about the law of self-defense, and most of the other speakers were tactical trainers of one sort of another.

They […]

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VIDEO: Book review of “Law of Self Defense” by Peter Burlingame, SDI

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Peter Burlingame, who runs Self Defense Initiative (SDI) out of the Virgin Islands recently did a very kind and comprehensive (and lengthy, ~17 minutes!) video book review of “The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition.” The full-length review is […]

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Andrew Branca’s NRA Annual Meeting Talk Profiled in GUNUP Magazine

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I was just sent a PDF of an article written by Rob Reed for GUNUP Magazine, in which he highlights my talk at the NRA’s Firearms Law Seminar at the Annual Meeting last April.  Magazine issue date is June 2014, […]

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GRAPHIC VIDEO: A Two-fer: Unarmed Deadly AND Excessive Force

Hey folks,

Just came across this video (courtesy of Caleb at Gun Nuts Media) of a street fight between a black man and a white man (and then two white men) in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York City. (NOTE: the video […]

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Judicious Use of the 5th Amendment: Debunking “Don’t Talk To Police”

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Well the newest Law of Self Defense Institute video lecture and podcast are up, entitled “Judicious Use of the 5th Amendment: Debunking ‘Don’t Talk to Police’ ”

The title refers, of course, to the Youtube video “Don’t talk to police,” […]

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Is An Accidental Shooting A “Use of Deadly Force” under FL Self-Defense Law?

In preparing for my upcoming Law of Self Defense Seminar in Pensacola, Florida—Saturday, September 27, 9AM to 1PM—I came across an interesting case from the 4th District Court of Appeal (DCA), delivered this past November. The full-text of the court […]

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Why We Need Guns: Widow Shoots Home Invader While Waiting on Police

Hey folks:  A cautionary tale on just why it is that we–and especially the weakest and most vulnerable among us–need guns. (h/t Miguel over at the always excellent Gun Free Zone blog.)

It’s said that “When seconds count, the police are […]

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Dave Spaulding Reviews Law of Self Defense, 2nd Ed.: “best book on the subject”

Hey folks,

A person with my outsized ego doesn’t often find himself blushing at praise, but today is one of those rare occasions.

Anyone who has spent even a modest amount of time in the tactical shooting community will have heard the […]

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GUILTY: Verdict in Detroit Front Porch Murder Trial

Hey folks,

The jury has returned a verdict of guilty of second degree murder/voluntary manslaughter and weapons charges in the trial of Detroit homeowner Theodore Wafer for the front porch shooting death of Renisha McBride in the early morning hours of […]

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Detroit Front Porch Murder Trial: Closing Arguments, Jury Deliberations

Hey folks,

Today saw the closing arguments of the murder trial of Detroit homeowner Theodore Wafer in the front porch shooting death of Renisha McBride in the early morning hours of November 2, 2013.

Immediately following closing the jury was given their […]

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