Firing In Pursuit of Fleeing Suspect Almost Always a Bad Idea

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: Firing shots in pursuit of a fleeing suspect, absent a deadly force threat, is a fool's game. In April of 2014 Indiana homeowner, 33-year-old David McLaughlin, heard the alarm [...]

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Gun Control Fascist Josh Sugarmann Selling the Same Old Lies

No surprise, but gun control fascist Josh Sugarmann is still selling the same old tired gun control lies. How many logical and data fallacies can YOU spot in his Huffington Post post? :-) “If you are fearful, arm yourself.” That [...]

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SPEECH: Theodore Roosevelt’s “The Man in the Arena”

On this day in 1910 Theodore Roosevelt gave one of his best known and received speeches.  Although it was formally entitled "Citizenship in a Republic," many of us know it better as "The Man in the Arena," because of this [...]

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Prospective Design for the Harriet Tubman $20?

Looks good to me:

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Cooke: “The Great Equalizer”

This fantastic 2A piece from Charles C.W. Cooke at National Review (now an Americophilic gun-owner in the Tri-State area with an American-born anchor baby) is from 2014, but it's also timeless: Civil rights and the Second Amendment In her harrowing [...]

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LAST DAY! Patriot Day 20% sale on LOSD Instructor Program ENDS!

This is it folks! Last day for Patriots Day 20% discount on Instructor Program! Hey folks,Well, this is it.  The last day for the 20% Patriots Day discount on the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program. Busy day today, so [...]

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Lock in “Patriots Day” Instructors Program discount, save $300

Save $300 by locking in 20% Instructor Program discount Hey folks, A whole bunch of you have signed up for the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program, taking advantage of the current 20% Patriots Day discount and the flexibility of [...]

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Just for Laughs: Road Rage Solution

Just for laughs, folks:  Obey the use-of-force laws in your jurisdiction, or be prepared to suffer the legal consequences.  Still, I LOL'd. :-)

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Perhaps This Isn’t Fully Thought Out . . .

A headboard gun storage method that, well, doesn't seem fully thought out. :-)

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What if YOU Were the Victim of This Kind of Group Attack?

If they'll do this to a COP, what'll they do to YOU? If this were you, what are you legally allowed to do in self-defense? Against who? Going to be hard to acquire that knowledge WHILE you're taking a beat [...]

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