Bearing Arms: Open Carrier Robbed Of His Gun In Virginia

From Bob Owens over at Bearing Arms: Oh, dear. Here we go again. Newport News police are investigating after a man reported he was pushed to the ground and had his handgun stolen late last week. Officers responded to a [...]

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LI: Big #2A Win – 4th Circuit Applies Strict Scrutiny to Maryland Gun Control Law

From my post over at Legal Insurrection: In 2013, Maryland enacted its Firearms Safety Act (FSA). With its passage, effectively banning its residents from owning any of the large majority of semi-automatic rifles owned by American citizens (exceptions were made [...]

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Bearing Arms: “McAuliffe Surrenders, Restores Concealed Carry Reciprocity in Virginia”

Good news from long-time "friend of LOSD" Bob Owens over at Bearing Arms: Virginia’s Governor Tery McAuliffe has retreated on his Administration’s decision to sever concealed carry reciprocity with 25 states after a firestorm of criticism. Gov. Terry McAuliffe plans [...]

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Ronald Reagan Challenger Speech: 30 Years Ago Today

Ronald Reagan actually cancelled his State of the Union address to give this speech homage to the tragic crew of the space shuttle Challenger. And he delivered it a mere 5 hours after the craft exploded in flight. Just another [...]

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Happy Birthday, John Moses Browning: 161 Years Young

Today is the birthday of John Moses Browning.  If you don't know that name--well, feel ashamed, then go Google it. Next year I'll do a longer post on good old JMB myself, but this year I'm rushed, so I'll defer [...]

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“Old Guard” Remain At “Tomb of Unknown Soldier” During Historic Winter Storm

The headline pretty much says it all, but for a fuller-length story you can click over to ABC News.

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Solution to Private Gun-Free Zones: A Private Cause of Action

I've long believed that the real solution to private "gun-free" zones was simply the legislative creation of a private cause of action that would allow those disarmed and wounded in such a zone to bring suite against the private persons [...]

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Mike Rowe on Obama’s Recent “Gun Control” Initiative

Presumably most anyone reading my blog would be familiar with Mike Rowe, best known for having been the host of the Discovery channel's television series "Dirty Jobs." It appears Mike has some very definitive thoughts on Obama's recent "gun control" [...]

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Don West Joins Andrew Branca at Law of Self Defense Seminar

Hey folks, Well, yesterday was a pure awesome. Attorney Don West graciously hosted one of my live Law of Self Defense Seminars in Orlando, and even better he immediately followed my own seminar with an hour or so presentation of [...]

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Oofah: “Buying Gun in America Should be Hard as Buying Knife in China”

h/t to @AoSHQ: The True Tale of Buying a Knife in China mmort: I decided to buy a chopping knife, because cutting vegetables should be enjoyable, so I went to Carrefour across the street from campus. Carrefour is like a [...]

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