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Michael Bane
Executive Producer, Outdoor Channel's The Best Defense

Andrew is the consummate professional. Available, reachable and approachable. His work is unparalleled in use-of-force law. He adds significant value to any case of self-defense.

Rory Miller
Author, Meditations on Violence

Andrew Branca’s self-defense analysis is the best treatment of the subject I’ve seen. The counselor doesn’t shy away from the complexities of the subject— including the nuanced differences in the law in all fifty states. Yet he has somehow made it accessible, clear and understandable… Almost fun. This information is invaluable for anyone who teaches or studies self-defense.

Kenneth Delahunt
Owner & Lead Instructor, Contreforce Group, LLC.

As a former police officer in Kansas City, Mo and New York City and the owner/ Lead trainer of a Security and Firearms Training Company I wish I could have had your book as a young man enforcing the laws on the streets of two very active cities. It would have been much easier had I been armed with the knowledge I have gained from you. Your in- depth research is phenomenal, your breakdown of a very difficult subject is admirable.

Mark B.

Hands down, if you carry a gun, the Law of Self Defense content is an absolute requirement if you want to reduce your exposure to possible criminal charges, incarceration and civil liability.

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