South Carolina Requests to Charge – Criminal (2018)


§ 6-7 Self-Defense – Reputation for Violence and Turbulence

In a case where self-defense has been raised, you may consider the victim’s reputation for turbulence and violence in the community as it bears on self-defense. In considering the actions of the defendant, you are warranted in considering the bad character and reputation for turbulence and acts of violence of the victim. If the defendant knew the victim was of such character and reputation, then he would be warranted in construing his actions more harshly and acting upon hostile appearances more readily than he would have been entitled to do to a man of good character and reputation. If the victim was a man of violent and dangerous character, more prompt and decisive measures of defense are justifiable than if he was of a peaceable disposition. Further, you may consider the victim’s temper at the time of the fatal encounter.