Alaska Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions

AK A.C.P.J.I. 1.29 Prior Bad Acts–Evidence Rule 404(b)


Evidence has been introduced for the purpose of showing that the defendant committed [a bad act] [bad acts] [a crime] [crimes] other than [that] [those] for which the defendant is on trial.


Such evidence may not be considered by you to prove that the defendant is a person of bad character or that [he] [she] has a tendency to commit crimes.


Such evidence may be considered by you only for the limited purpose of deciding if it tends to show:


[insert admissible purposes under Evidence Rule 404(b)]


For the limited purpose for which you may consider such evidence, you should weigh it in the same manner as you do all other evidence in the case, and give it the weight, if any, to which you find it entitled on the question of [insert brief statement of limited purpose].


Do not consider or discuss such evidence for any other purpose.  It would be improper and unfair for you to do this.