FOUR DAYS ONLY! Become a Law of Self Defense Member for JUST 99 CENTS!

Hey folks,

Attorney Andrew Branca here from Law of Self Defense, and I have some exciting and important news for all of you in the Law of Self Defense Community.

As many of you know, for years Law of Self Defense has offered various levels of Membership for access to our expert legal blog posts, videos and podcast.

Included among them has been an entirely free level of membership, which we’ve called Bronze-level.

Over the years we’ve accumulated thousands of Bronze-level members. In one sense, that’s great.  Unfortunately, we’ve gotten to the point where the burden of managing thousands of totally free accounts is no longer practical for us.

Bottom line: our free Bronze-level memberships are going away.  If you’re a Bronze-level member you’ll find that account status disappearing over the next few days, as we process out those accounts.

So, I suppose that’s what many would call the “bad news.”

So here’s the “GREAT news”—we have a fantastic opportunity for existing Bronze-level members to become Silver-level members for a mere 99 cents.

You heard me right, just 99 cents.  That’s a crazy good deal, right?  If you agree, you can grab that offer with both hands by clicking the image or link below NOW!

For just 99 cents you can try out Silver-level membership for about a third of a penny a day.  If you Bronze-level members enjoyed the mere 3 days of rolling access you’ve had to our blog posts and videos, I expect you’ll LOVE the rolling THIRTY-days access to our hours of self-defense law expert videos, blog posts—PLUS you finally get access to our Law of Self Defense Podcast!

And what if you try out the first month for 99 cents and decide it’s not for you? No problem!  Just cancel within the first 30 days, and we’ll give you a 200% refund—DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!—no questions asked.

But wait, as the old infomercials say, there’s more!

To encourage you to take advantage of this offer we’re also making available AS A FREE BONUS the video and audio of my reading of the first two chapters of my newest book, “Law of Self Defense: Principles,” at no additional cost.

Wondering if there’s a catch to this great offer? The answer is, of course—but I think you’ll find it a reasonable one.

That catch is that this offer is good only through THIS WEEK, meaning the last day to grab this opportunity is Sunday, May 17.  By that date all the Bronze accounts will have been ended, and ongoing Law of Self Defense Member privileges will be extended only to Silver and higher level memberships.

Interested in learning more, or ready to invest just 99 cents to see if you’d like being a Law of Self Defense Silver-level member?

Great—click the image or link below, NOW!

I look forward to seeing a bunch of you as newly minted Silver-level members over the next few days!

Until then, remember:

You carry a gun so you’re hard to kill.

Know the law so you’re hard to convict!

Stay safe!


Attorney Andrew F. Branca
Law of Self Defense LLC

3 thoughts on “FOUR DAYS ONLY! Become a Law of Self Defense Member for JUST 99 CENTS!”

  1. My name is Joe Noval and i have been following Mr. Branca for 2+ years. I have taken many classes including the Instructor course and was one of the original 10 year Consult Program members. I would liketo become a silver member but I so not like automatic bank withdrawals! I would like to make a monthly payment like I do with my other bills. Since I’m pretty sure you all will not allow that, I guess I’ll be on the outside looking in. Sure wish your business was like it used to be.
    Joe Noval

  2. Well, best of luck in future endeavors, but I too will be bowing out with the end of the free bronze level. Love the book however, and think it certainly is something everyone should read!

    1. Attorney Andrew Branca

      Well, I’m glad you enjoyed the content while you though it was worth not even 33 cents a day!

      Why you’d waste time at all on something of such limited value is beyond me, but free country and all that.

      Good luck! 🙂


      Attorney Andrew F. Branca
      Law of Self Defense LLC

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