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The Top 10 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Self-Defense Law DVD

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The Top 10 Self-Defense Blunders Expert Report

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Learn what they didn’t teach you in your CCW class, but should have!

Get an hour’s worth of insights into ten critical facets of self-defense law rarely covered in a CCW or self-defense class. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the criminal justice system actually works in the context of self-defense, so you can better know how your actions will be judged by that system. As always, renowned expert Attorney Andrew Branca translates the legalese concepts into plain and actionable English.

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DVD Table of Contents

Unavoidable Risks of Death and Imprisonment
Many Sources of Legal Information are Bad Sources
How reading just statutes (and not case law) will lead you to an inaccurate understanding of the law.
Discretion, Not Law, Decides Many Cases
Self-Defense Requires You to “Admit the Crime”
Prosecutor’s Drive to Win is Your Opportunity
There is No Absolute Truth in a Self-Defense Case
Conviction or Acquittal Relies on Story-telling
Good News: You Don’t Have to Prove Self-Defense
“Oops” Can Destroy Your Self-Defense Claim
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Learn the 10 most common legal blunders people make when defending themselves ...

Avoid these common mistakes & effectively mitigate your risks of arrest, prosecution & conviction!

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This report includes helpful tips like:

How to attract the kind of witnesses you'll need later.
What weapons you need to defend yourself from an attack AND in court.
How to get the evidence you need into trial.