Dear CONSULT Member,

Welcome you to the Law of Self Defense CONSULT Program. You have made a wise choice to defend yourself against a possible prosecutorial attack by ensuring that I am available for your legal team. Enclosed you will find your LOSD CONSULT card with a priority contact phone number you should use if you are involved in a use-of-force event.

A couple of important things that I want to emphasize:

  1. If you are facing an imminent threat your immediate priority is your safety. The CONSULT Program should be contacted only after the immediate crisis has been handled at the priority number on the CONSULT card.
  2. Do not make your “one phone call” to the CONSULT Program. Our role formally begins after you retain lead counsel. Many people find it best to initially contact family or friends who can then call around on your behalf.   Do not share details of the event over the police-provided phone to your family/friend as it is certainly being recorded.
  3. Remember, I cannot be your lead counsel, as I am likely not barred in your particular state. The purpose of the CONSULT Program is to ensure I will provide expert self-defense legal consultation to your legal defense team and the lead counsel you choose.
  4. When you ring the number on this card, please do not tell us any details about what happened. That phone call is not covered under attorney-client privilege and I do not want you to accidentally divulge information that may be harmful to your case. When you call we will work together to get me formally on your legal defense team for that case, at which point attorney-client privilege can be better asserted.
  5. I have included your CONSULT cards, both front and back, below for you to print as needed and keep handy, such as in your wallet or glove compartment.  I also recommend giving one to those people likely to be on the other side of your "one phone call."

Once again I thank you for being a member of the CONSULT program. Should you ever need my services as a member of this program I will provide them at no extra charge per the terms of the program at the time you enrolled, and will prioritize your case to ensure that it is handled quickly and effectively.


Yours Sincerely,


Andrew F. Branca

Attorney at Law