When Is Evidence of Your Attacker’s Character Admissible In Court?

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During the Zimmerman trial there was considerable consternation among much of the pubic that the trial judge, Debra Nelson, had excluded certain evidence about Trayvon Martin’s past, including his apparent drug use, illegal firearms dealing, passion for “street fighting”, among other pleasant character traits.

Now that the trial has ended in a not guilty verdict Judge Nelson’s evidentiary decisions will never face the scathing reversals they so richly deserve, and I won’t seek to revisit them here. Those decisions do, however, raise some more general evidentiary questions in the context of the law of self-defense. In particular, they raise the question of when, and why, you might be able to introduce into evidence information about the character of the person against whom you used defensive force.

To see my extensive analysis of how character evidence can, and cannot, be introduced into a self-defense trial, take a gander over at my blog post at Legal Insurrection:

When Is Evidence of Your Attacker’s Character Admissible In Court?

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    I’m about half way through the Law Of Self Defense book by Andrew Branca. It has been very enlightening to me. The author can speak non-legalese thereby making it quite for a non-lawyer type as myself. Lots of good and up to date info here. So far I give it 5 stars!

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    Andrew, I cannot help myself because I am a spelling nazi, but please change “pubic” to public because… well you do know what pubic means!!
    I think that this story is not finished. I think that Nelson was wrong when she excluded that evidence.

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