LOSD2 Seminar Schedule: Fall “Southern” Tour 2013

Hey folks,
I’m currently in the process of planning out the “Law of Self Defense” seminar schedule for the fall.

An LOSD2 Seminar is essentially a working presentation structured along the lines of the book, with plenty of opportunity for people to ask questions and explore various hypothetical scenarios and how the law, both practical and theory, might apply. Depending on the size of the group and the number of questions the seminar tends to last about 3 hours, but I have no problem staying longer if necessary to answer more questions.

UPDATE:  For more concrete details on the substance of a Law of Self Defense Seminar, see our just released syllabus, here:  Law of Self Defense Seminar: The Syllabus.

I’m building the trip around the 2nd Amendment Foundations’ Gun Rights Policy Conference being held in Houston on September 27, 28, and 29.

Right now my rough itinerary is as follows:

  • Boston, MA
  • Quantico, VA
  • Columbia, SC
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Houston, TX
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Austin, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Houston, TX

. . . then back to Atlanta, etc., all the way home.

Seminars will be held on the outbound trip the week prior to the GPCR conference (so, the last week of September), and seminars can also be held on the return trip the week after the conference (so, the first week of October). I’m not limiting seminars to the listed cities, those are merely definite stops. Seminars can also be held anywhere along that route.

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For a seminar to be held I need a hosting organization to step up and arrange logistics on their end–really just providing space and registering attendees and collecting their fee. I charge the hosting organization $100 per seminar attendee (which includes a free copy of the book, “The Law of Self Defense, 2nd Edition,” for each attendee). The hosting organization gets a free seat for every 10 registered attendees.  The hosting organization typically charges some additional fee above my cost to cover their costs in organizing the seminar, but that varies by organization.  Most seminars are between 10 and 20 participants, but some have been quite a bit larger, too.  (If the seminar has 30 or more paying attendees, I discount my fee 20% for each additional attendee.)

Because I travel by motorcycle, I also need the hosting group to accept shipments of books sent to them before my arrival, so I don’t have to transport them on the bike. In the event the hosting group wishes to buy books at a discounted rate, I also make the “firearms instructor” discount available for bulk purchases:  10 or more books/order is $25/book, 50 or more is $20/book, 100 or more is $25/book.  But no purchases need be made to host a seminar.

Anyone interested in either attending or hosting a LOSD2 Seminar this fall should contact us via email at seminar@lawofselfdefense.com.

I should mention, also, just like with the book there’s a money-back guarantee–if at the end of the seminar any attendee feels like they didn’t get their money’s worth, I’ll refund their fee (the portion that I received, that is) on the spot, no questions asked. In ~15 years of giving these seminars, I’ve never had a single person take me up on that offer.

–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense, #LOSD2

Andrew F. Branca is an MA lawyer and author of the seminal book “The Law of Self Defense,, 2nd Edition” now available at www.lawofselfdefense.com and also at Amazon.com as either a hardcopy or in Kindle version.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter on @LawSelfDefense and using #LOSD2, on Facebook,, and at his blog, The Law of Self Defense.

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