SC § 16-1-60. Violent crimes defined

State: South Carolina


South Carolina Code Annotated (S.C.C.A.)

Title 16 – Crimes and Offenses

§ 16-1-60.  Violent crimes defined. 

For purposes of definition under South Carolina law, a violent crime includes the offenses of:  murder (Section 16310);  attempted murder (Section 16329);  assault and battery by mob, first degree, resulting in death (Section 163210(B)), criminal sexual conduct in the first and second degree (Sections 163652 and 163653);  criminal sexual conduct with minors, first, second, and third degree (Section 163655);  assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct, first and second degree (Section 163656);  assault and battery with intent to kill (Section 163620);  assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature (Section 163600(B));  kidnapping (Section 163910);  trafficking in persons (Section 163930);  voluntary manslaughter (Section 16350);  armed robbery (Section 1611330(A));  attempted armed robbery (Section 1611330(B));  carjacking (Section 1631075);  drug trafficking as defined in Section 4453370(e) or trafficking cocaine base as defined in Section 4453375(C);  manufacturing or trafficking methamphetamine as defined in Section 4453375;  arson in the first degree (Section 1611110(A));  arson in the second degree (Section 1611110(B));  burglary in the first degree (Section 1611311);  burglary in the second degree (Section 1611312(B));  engaging a child for a sexual performance (Section 163810);  homicide by child abuse (Section 16385(A)(1));  aiding and abetting homicide by child abuse (Section 16385(A)(2));  inflicting great bodily injury upon a child (Section 16395(A));  allowing great bodily injury to be inflicted upon a child (Section 16395(B));  criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature (Section 162565);  abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult resulting in death (Section 433585(F));  abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult resulting in great bodily injury (Section 433585(E));  taking of a hostage by an inmate (Section 2413450);  detonating a destructive device upon the capitol grounds resulting in death with malice (Section 1011325(B)(1));  spousal sexual battery (Section 163615);  producing, directing, or promoting sexual performance by a child (Section 163820);  sexual exploitation of a minor first degree (Section 1615395);  sexual exploitation of a minor second degree (Section 1615405);  promoting prostitution of a minor (Section 1615415);  participating in prostitution of a minor (Section 1615425);  aggravated voyeurism (Section 1617470(C));  detonating a destructive device resulting in death with malice (Section 1623720(A)(1));  detonating a destructive device resulting in death without malice (Section 1623720(A)(2));  boating under the influence resulting in death (Section 5021113(A)(2));  vessel operator’s failure to render assistance resulting in death (Section 5021130(A)(3));  damaging an airport facility or removing equipment resulting in death (Section 55130(3));  failure to stop when signaled by a law enforcement vehicle resulting in death (Section 565750(C)(2));  interference with traffic control devices, railroad signs, or signals resulting in death (Section 5651030(B)(3));  hit and run resulting in death (Section 5651210(A)(3));  felony driving under the influence or felony driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration resulting in death (Section 5652945(A)(2));  putting destructive or injurious materials on a highway resulting in death (Section 57720(D));  obstruction of a railroad resulting in death (Section 58174090);  accessory before the fact to commit any of the above offenses (Section 16140);  and attempt to commit any of the above offenses (Section 16180).  Only those offenses specifically enumerated in this section are considered violent offenses.