• CLE Surcharge ($74.99)
  • This host deposit secures the agreed-upon date of the host, and makes it unavailable for other hosts.  The host is aware that LOSD must have received 20 paid class registrations by 30 days prior to the class date or the event may be cancelled or re-scheduled at our discretion.  If these 20 minimum registrations are received by that date, this deposit will be refunded to the host in full upon completion of the class.  If, however, these 20 minimum registrations are not received by that date, LOSD reserves the right to re-schedule or cancel the scheduled class, at our discretion.  If the class is cancelled LOSD will retain this host deposit as compensation for having secured the agreed upon date for this host to the exclusion of other prospective hosts.
  • First payment of $400 with first module.  $50 per module after.
  • If you've been considering enrolling in the LOSD Instructor Program but holding back because of the old $400 initial enrollment fee, now's your chance to get into the program at the low starting price of $99!Now you can access any module of the Instructor Program for a flat fee of $99 per module, for 15 of the 17 modules in the program (two of the 17 modules are administrative, and no fee is charged for those).  Only buy access to the modules you want, when you want.  If you intend to get certified as an Instructor Program Graduate you will eventually need to complete all 17 modules; there is no obligation to do so, however, so you can stop at any time, or just pause for a while and then begin the program again.To get started, simply purchase one or more of the modules listed in the pull-down list below.  We do recommend that you complete the modules in the sequence listed below, but there's no obligation to do that, either.Click here for more details on the Instructors Program, including many reviews from our graduates.Click here for a list of many of our Verified Graduates and their feedback on the Instructor Program.
  • The Law of Self Defense Instructor Program consists of a total of 13 modules. Students can enroll for a flat fee and receive access to all 13 modules at once, or they may enroll in our pay-as-you-go option and purchase access to each module at their convenience.  The following describes the pay-as-you-go option.Access to Module #1:  Legal & Philosophical Theories of Self-Defense Law is provided upon initial enrollment in the pay-as-you-go option. The remaining modules are each purchased separately. Modules 2 through 10 can be viewed and/or selected for purchase using the pull-down list below. An additional 3 modules are currently in production: "Defense of Property," "Interacting with the Police," and "Self-defense Law 'Myth-Busters'", and will available for order upon their completion.  All modules are priced at $50 each.Each modules consists of an online, on-demand video lecture (typically 45-60 minutes, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer), PDF copies of the lecture slides (in both one-slide-per-page and six-slide-per-page formats), and additional materials as appropriate.  Both the lectures and all other provided materials are provided exclusively for the student's personal use, and may not be reproduced or shared with others.  Video lectures can be accessed as often as desired for 60 days following purchase.  PDF documents may be kept by the student indefinitely.Students are permitted to print out a single copy of provided PDF files for their personal use, and we suggest these be printed and placed in a binder to serve as the student's LOSD Instructor Program textbook.NOTE: The Law of Self Defense Instructor Program modules listed below are available exclusively to students already enrolled in the program using our pay-as-you-go option.If you have not already enrolled in the LOSD Instructor Program, you can do so now by clicking here.  There  you may select either the flat-fee or the pay-as-you-go option.Do not order any of the modules below if you have not already enrolled in the program itself. Module orders placed by persons not enrolled in the program will be refunded less a 50% service fee.Click here for more information on the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program.
  • Here you pay the $20 fee required in order to re-test the Law of Self Defense Instructor Program Final Examination.  Shortly after paying this fee you will be sent access credentials to re-take the examination.
  • Law of Self Defense LEVEL 1 Core Class: DVDTotal time:~7.5 hoursDisc/Track (00:oo:00)Disc 1: Track 1-6 (1:07:06)Disc 2: Track 7-11 (1:13:26)Disc 3: Track 12-16 (1:04:31)Disc 4: Track 17-21 (1:09:21)Disc 5: Track 22-25 (00:53:33)Disc 6: Track 26-29 (1:11:54)Disc 7: Track 30-33 (00:52:48)See below for individual track titles and durations.Click here to for information on state-specific supplement DVDs.
  • Sale!
    Bulk order of 10 AUTOGRAPHED copies - an order of 1 box is 10 books. Total price is $259.99, which includes UPS Ground shipping (or equivalent). This saves 20% from the non-discounted cost for the book.  Allow a week for shipping.The Law of Self Defense provides an in-depth and informative understanding of the five fundamental principles of self defense: Reasonableness, Innocence, Imminence, Avoidance, and Proportionality, as well as many non-core but important facets of self defense law, such as defense of others, defense of property, and imperfect self defense.