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“You carry a gun so you’re hard to kill.
Know the law so you’re hard to convict.”

The Law of Self Defense Online Training is our online, on-demand full-content version of our live, in-person and very popular Law of Self Defense Seminars. Like the seminars the online training is also state-specific, and built on the particular self-defense relevant statutes, jury instructions, and court decisions of the state to which you subscribe.


Introduction (~25 minutes)
Laws & Legal Principles (~45 minutes)
Innocence (~25 minutes)
Imminence (~30 minutes)
Proportionality (~45 minutes)
Avoidance (~25 minutes)
Reasonableness (~30 minutes)
Defense of Others (~10 minutes)
Defense of Property (~20 minutes)
Consciousness of Guilt (~5 minutes)
Self-defense Immunity (~25 minutes)
Talking with the Police (~20 minutes)
Building a Legally-sound Self-defense Strategy (~25 minutes)
Was It Worth It? (~5 minutes)

Total time: ~5 1/2 hours.

Subscribers receive unlimited access to the online training for a full 6 months, and the option to continue access at a very nominal cost thereafter.

Currently immediately available are the on-demand Law of Self Defense Online Training for the states of Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, OhioOklahomaOregonTennessee, Texas,Virginia and Washington with these other states launching over the next few weeks:

Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire,

New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island

Importantly, 80% of the online training are the same for every state; only 25% differs based on specific state laws.  If you order a state other than CO, FL, NC, OH, OK, OR, TN, TX, VA or WA you will be given immediate access to your choice of any immediately available state (Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia,), so that you can start on that 80% that is common content TODAY.

When your state is launched, you will be notified and automatically switched over.  Your 6 months access will NOT begin counting down UNTIL you have been given access to the Law of Self Defense Online Training for the state you ordered.  Pre-order now, and get that extra time with the online training at no additional cost.

NOTE:  Shortly after placing your order you will receive two emails.  The first will be simply a confirmation of the order. The second email will contain the directions and access credentials necessary to begin your access to the online training.

Like the live seminars, the on-demand online training is an in-depth, professional-level education on the on the law of self-defense, delivered in an informal and accessible manner.

With the on-demand online training, however, you can access this vitally important knowledge from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, on your own schedule, when and where you like, and as often as you wish within your 90-day subscription.

Through the online training you will learn how self-defense laws are applied in the real world to real people in real self-defense scenarios.  The online training will teach you how prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges view self-defense cases, and in particular what encourages prosecutors to bring charges and seek convictions.

Conversely, you will learn what aspects of a defensive force encounter help your defense build a compelling narrative of innocence, and how to minimize your vulnerability to prosecution and conviction.

The last hour or so of the online training is devoted to helping you to build your own personal legally-sound self-defense strategy, incorporating your new understanding of self-defense law into your personal defensive tactics.  The goal:  teach how how to stay well within the bounds of the law of self-defense as possible without in any way diminishing your ability to win the physical, and as well as the legal, battle.

The online training also comes with a downloadable PDF with links to the full-length versions of every statute, jury instruction, and court case referenced in the online training.

Also included in the online training are optional quizzes that you can take for each section to self-assess your understanding of the material.

The online training also allows for direct communication with Attorney Andrew Branca, an internationally recognized expert in American self-defense law.  His legal practice, writings, and seminars are considered an essential self-defense law resource by many judges, lawyers, and Federal and local law enforcement.

Normally the online seminars are priced at $299.99.  However, you can subscribe to YOUR state’s on-demand online training TODAY at the discounted price of $249.99.  


Andrew F. Branca is currently in his third decade of practicing law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and is an internationally recognized expert on the law of self-defense of the United States.  He has been quoted in this context by the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and many other mainstream media, including nationally syndicated broadcast media.

Andrew is the recent winner of the 2014 UC Berkeley Law School Debate on “Stand-Your-Ground,” defeating prominent law school professors and even a CNN Legal Analyst. He is also a Guest Instructor and content matter expert (CME) on self-defense law at the Sig Sauer Academy, an NRA life member, an NRA Certified Instructor, an IDPA Charter/Life member (IDPA #13), and a Master-class competitor in multiple IDPA divisions.

He is a certified Continuing Legal Education (CLE) instructor on self-defense law, teaching other lawyers how to argue self-defense cases, in numerous states around the country. He was also a speaker at the 2014 NRA Annual Meeting on self-defense law.

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