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REQUIRED: LEVEL 1 ( ER): Chicago IL 171028$199.99 $149.99The options below are offered only to those people who register for the seminar. NOTE: PRICE INCREASES TO $199.99/PERSON ON SEPTEMBER 29!
12 available
OPTIONAL: Simulator Module 171028$99.99ONLY 12 SLOTS! Entitles the student to at least one run through a self-defense simulator, followed by immediate legal debrief of the student's use-of-force decision making. All participating students also observe every other participant's run and debrief. NOTE: Only those who have paid for this module may attend or observe simulations!
OPTIONAL: Printed seminar slides 171028$24.99This is a printed-and-bound copy of the ~350 presentation slides, printed six-to-a-page. These are recommended to facilitate note-taking, and if pre-ordered here they will be handed out at the seminar. NOTE: The LAST DAY to order these is Wednesday, October 25, as they must be produced before we travel to the seminar.
OPTIONAL: Continuing Legal Education (CLE) 171028$99.99This seminar is accredited for 6.00 hours (general) by the IL bar. INCLUDES COPY OF PRESENTATION SLIDES.
OPTIONAL: "Law of Self Defense, 3rd Ed." 171028$24.99Published 2016. Pre-ordering "The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition" for delivery at the seminar saves ~25% relative to the normal cost. Autographs will be provided on site upon request. (Must be ordered by October 25!)


Click here if you are also interested in our Law of Self Defense LEVEL 2 Class on Sunday, October 29, at this same location. 

This is a live, in-person ILLINOIS-specific LEVEL 1 Class presented by Attorney Andrew Branca being held a Illinois Public Safety Training Group in Chicago (Crestwood) IL on Saturday, October 28, 2017, 9:00AM to 4:00PM. (There will be a 30 minute lunch break; you are strongly encouraged to bring a light lunch.)

Scroll down for a detailed description and syllabus of what’s covered in this LEVEL 1 Class.

REGISTER TODAY FOR DISCOUNTED PRICE: $149.99/person. (Price increases to $199.99 on September 28!) The registration ticket form is at the top of this page. (If you register for more than one person, please indicate the names of the additional people in the “Notes” box at checkout.)

Once you’ve indicated your registration in the ticket form above, there are several additional options you may consider, each of which may also be selected in the ticket form at the bottom of this page.

Law of Self Defense Simulator Module

NEW: We are adding an OPTIONAL Law of Self Defense Simulator Module to this class. Immediately after completion of the class, students who elect this option will have the opportunity to run through self-defense scenarios on Nashville Armory’s high-end Ti shooting simulator. Each student will run through at least one scenario. Upon completion of the scenario, Attorney Andrew Branca will conduct a self-defense law debrief of the “defender’s” use-of-force decision-making. Every student will observe every other student’s run, so all of those participating will have the opportunity to learn from each other. The scenarios will be run for at least one hour, and students may be able to do multiple runs if time allows. (We don’t yet know how long each run will take per student, nor how many students may sign up for the option.)

The Law of Self Defense Simulator Module is an optional add on, and costs an additional $99.99 per student. This option is NOT available separately from the class; you MUST be registered for the class in order to participate in the Law of Self Defense Simulator module, as the legal debrief will be based upon the education received during the class. NOTE: Only those enrolled in the simulator may observe this module.

THERE ARE ONLY 12 SLOTS AVAILABLE FOR THE SIMULATOR MODULE.  These will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis!

Click here if you are also interested in our Law of Self Defense LEVEL 2 Class on Sunday, October 29, at this same location. 

Other Options

OPTIONAL: Add 6.0 hours IL CLE (+$99.99). IL attorneys are be eligible for ~6.0 credit hours of general CLE. (THIS INCLUDES A COPY OF THE PRESENTATION SLIDES.)

OPTIONAL: Add presentation slides (+$24.99). THESE SLIDES ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED! It is very difficult to take notes as quickly as Andrew speaks in class! You may pre-order a printed-and-bound copy of the presentation slides, and have this provided to you at the start of the class.

OPTIONAL: Add autographed copy of “The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition” (2016) (+$24.99). Pre-ordering the book to be delivered to you at the class saves you ~25% off standard mail ordering. Autographs are provided on-site upon request.

PRE-REGISTRATION and PRE-PAYMENT is REQUIRED for ALL classes. Classes routinely sell out. We do not guarantee a seat unless you have pre-registered and pre-paid. We DO often have to turn away people who simply show up without having pre-registered/paid. DON’T BE THAT GUY.

Click here if you are also interested in our Law of Self Defense LEVEL 2 Class on Sunday, October 29, at this same location. 

This class is an in-depth, professional-level education on the on the law of self-defense, delivered in an informal and accessible manner.  Questions are answered as long as necessary to ensure that every portion is thoroughly understood.

Through this class you will learn how self-defense laws are applied in the real world to real people in real self-defense scenarios.  This class will teach you how prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges view self-defense cases, and in particular what encourages prosecutors to bring charges and seek convictions.

Conversely, you will learn what aspects of a defensive force encounter help your defense build a compelling narrative of innocence, and how to minimize your vulnerability to prosecution and conviction.

The last hour or so of the class is devoted to helping you to build your own personal legally-sound self-defense strategy, incorporating your new understanding of self-defense law into your personal defensive tactics.  The goal:  teach how how to stay well within the bounds of the law of self-defense as possible without in any way diminishing your ability to win the physical, and as well as the legal, battle.

The class also allows for plenty of Q&A with Attorney Andrew Branca, an internationally recognized expert in American self-defense law.  His legal practice, writings, and classes are considered an essential self-defense law resource by many judges, lawyers, and Federal and local law enforcement.

A detailed syllabus and many reviews of past classes  can be viewed at the Law of Self Defense Classes page.



Andrew F. Branca is currently in his third decade of practicing law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and is an internationally recognized expert on the law of self-defense of the United States.  He has been quoted in this context by the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and many other mainstream media, including nationally syndicated broadcast media.  Andrew is also a host on the Outdoor Channel’s TV show The Best Defense.

Andrew is the recent winner of the 2014 UC Berkeley Law School Debate on “Stand-Your-Ground,” defeating prominent law school professors and even a CNN Legal Analyst. He is also a former Guest Instructor and content matter expert (CME) on self-defense law at the Sig Sauer Academy, an NRA Life-Benefactor member, an NRA Certified Instructor, an IDPA Charter/Life member (IDPA #13), and a Master-class competitor in multiple IDPA divisions.

He is a certified Continuing Legal Education (CLE) instructor on self-defense law, teaching other lawyers how to argue self-defense cases, in numerous states around the country. He was also a speaker at the 2014 NRA Annual Meeting on self-defense law.

ANY QUESTIONS? Just email us at seminar@lawofselfdefense.com

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