By Andrew Branca
May 3, 2016

There’s been a tsunami of Dalai Lama gun-meme postings running wild over the internet the last few days, and many of them are just LOL funny. For your convenience, I’ve collected a bunch of them here:

In a gun fight 600 The double tap Two to the chest 600 A fast hard palm 600 The skull often deflects 600 Speed surprise 600 Sop then I pied 600 Small of back 600 Do not overthink 600 Slow down hero 600 Then he said 600 Brass to grass 600 Reloads should be 600 You carry how 600 Appendix carry 600 This is my safety 600 Stopping power 600 Treat all weapons 600 How many times 600 Feign submission Did somebody say Immediate movement 600 Do not drop 600 Your responsibility 600 Shooting the threat 600

And after all those quotes that are NOT actually attributable to the Dalai Lama, here’s one that IS:

If someone has a gun 600

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