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Build A Legally-Sound Self-Defense Strategy Customized for YOU

The value presented by the Law of Self Defense Class is considerable. Over the course of ~6 hours, and at a fraction of the cost of consulting one-on-one with a lawyer, you will learn how to build a legally-sound self-defense strategy that will:

  • Minimize your vulnerability to prosecution and civil suit.
  • Prepare you to win BOTH the physical AND the legal battles.
  • Account for not just the letter of the law but also how it’s actually applied actual courts and prosecutors to actual people.
  • Recognize what a prosecutor MUST prove in order to defeat your self-defense claim.
  • “Armor yourself” against the most common legal vulnerabilities.
  • Bolster your claim when defending others, and account for the strict limits on defending property.
  • Learn what “Stand-Your-Ground,” the “Castle Doctrine,” “Presumptions of Reasonableness” and “Self-defense Immunity” REALLY mean . . . and what they DO NOT mean.
  • Say the right thing to 911, the first responders, and the investigative officers (pro-tip: each interaction is VERY different).


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We currently have state-specific classes scheduled in the following states (click state of interest):

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky,

Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina,

Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee,

Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin

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The Law of Self Defense Class is a ~5-hour-plus in-depth live event that instructs on the laws governing the use of force in defense of self, family, others, and property. Classes are conducted live in-person by Attorney Andrew Branca, and are specific to the state in which they are held. Classes are customized for each participants’ state-specific self-defense statutes, jury instructions, and court decisions for the participants (see below for details).

Detailed class syllabus:

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