Drunk, angry guy is kicking your front door, but the court decides that YOU are the aggressor?

The Facts Eugenio Correa (the Defendant) was visiting with his girlfriend.  Her estranged husband, with whom she had separated five months earlier, phoned her, drunk, seeking to see their daughter.  The girlfriend and Correa were about to leave for the [...]

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Was Samuel R. Hayes III of “Caliber Training Group” Charged with Multiple Criminal Felonies?

Well, the feedback generated by my earlier post, "Meet 'Caliber Training Group,' Samuel R. Hayes III" has been overwhelming, to say the least.   It seems my own limited experience with Mr. Hayes this last 24 hours has not been [...]

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Andrew Branca interviewed: “Should you modify your carry gun?”

Hey folks, Back in February I was interviewed by the Women Carry podcast, by the lovely ladies Tammy Smith and Jenna Meek (herself of Carry On Colorado), on the subject of modifications to carry guns.  Fun was had by all, [...]

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