TrayDay 2016: Only Fools Attack Armed Men

Today is the four year anniversary of the lawfully justified self-defense shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman would ultimately be acquitted after a mere hours of deliberations following 14 months of investigation and trial. Personally and professionally I've [...]

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Florida’s Self-Defense Immunity Law: How it really works

Hey folks, A running question during the long run-up to and trial of George Zimmerman was the issue of Florida's self-defense immunity statute (often confused with, but completely separate from, the state's Stand-Your-Ground statute). Mark O'Mara elected to not pursue [...]

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Attorney Andrew Branca Participates on NPR ZImmerman Panel

"The permissible number of times my kids can have their heads bashed on the sidewalk by Trayvon Martin is zero." UPDATE: Fred Thompson, a commenter over at Legal Insurrection, was kind enough to transcribe pretty much the entirety of my [...]

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Zimmerman Trial: Prosecutor Corey Fires IT Tech Who Disclosed Discovery Misconduct

Hey folks, Well, the blood-letting in the State attorney's office has claimed another victim. On Friday State Attorney Angela Corey fired IT director Ben Kruidos because of his actions in disclosing the State's misconduct in meeting their mandatory discovery obligations. [...]

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Zimmerman Trial: Jury Asks for Clarification on Manslaughter

The Zimmerman trial jury paused their deliberations at around 6:00PM EST to present Judge Nelson with a question: "May we please have clarification on instructions regarding manslaughter?" Nelson announced the question to the parties in open court, and has now [...]

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