Andrew Published in National Review on Iowa Going “Stand-Your-Ground”

I had a piece published this morning in National Review, on Iowa becoming the 35th state to adopt “Stand-Your-Ground”–and the third state since the Zimmerman trial to do so, despite the enormous political weight brought to bear against the legal doctrine.

In contrast, no state has gone the other direction, from “Stand-Your-Ground” to “Duty-To-Retreat.”

Here’s a taste:

The phrase “stand your ground” entered popular parlance following the trial of George Zimmerman, who in 2013 was acquitted of murder charges after he successfully defended himself against a deadly-force attack by Trayvon Martin. Political activists whom today we would call the Black Lives Matter movement saw the Zimmerman trial as an opportunity to push their narrative of a racist and murderous white society intent on keeping down minorities generally and on killing young black men in particular.

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Andrew Guests on Armed America Radio

Hey folks,

Armed America Radio host Mark Walters was kind enough to have me on the air again yesterday. If you’d like to listen to that segment you can do so here:

Also, if you’d prefer to listen in podcast format, we’ve incorporated that audio file into our most recent podcast. You can access our podcast at various sources including iTunes & Stitcher.

USCCA includes “Law of Self Defense” in special promotional package

FYI, USCCA is running a “Law of Self Defense Package” special, in which they are packing together my book, “The Law of Self Defense” (which they’ve licensed with their own cover), along with several self-defense DVDs and their own very good book, “Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals,” the whole package at about half-price of the individual products separately.

Included in the promotion for this package is a video of an interview of myself by USCCA CEO Tim Schmidt (who also wrote the foreword to the USCCA-licensed version of my book):

Looks like a pretty good deal to me, though I’d bring it to everyone’s attention. Click here for more information.

Great Experience Having Class Hosted by The Complete Combatant

Hey folks,

I recently had a class hosted by Brian Hill and Shelley Hill at The Complete Combatant (aka Fusion MMA) in Marietta GA, and wanted to share with other trainers, and prospective students, what a great experience it was. (Brian and Shelley are pictured above.)

To be honest, I’ve had mixed success with having classes hosted at gym facilities. Often times the space isn’t well configured for a lecture-type class of the type I do, the seating and tables aren’t really adequate, and (I hate to say it) the place can sometimes smell pretty funky.

None of that was the case with Fusion MMA. The space available is large and rectangular with a big screen TV at the front of the room, and a projector screen as well. They provided more than adequate chairs and tables for the 20 or so students we had in the class. And no funky smell–the place was really spotless.

I mostly dealt with Shelley on logistics leading up to the class, and she was simply a pleasure to work with. Energetic and focused, our class could not have been the success it was without her. Of course, on site both Shelley and Brian were congenial hosts, and they made absolutely certain that everything was to my liking.

I know The Complete Combatant is working on a remarkably robust schedule of trainers with diverse areas of expertise to be able to offer their students the full spectrum of knowledge and skills they need to win both the physical and legal fight. Neither trainers nor prospective students should have any hesitation in working with them or attending classes there. I had a great experience, and I’m confident you will, as well.

Law of Self Defense @ USCCA Expo

Hey folks,

This weekend I’ll be attending the USCCA Expo in Ft. Worth TX as their guest and a speaker.

On Saturday the Expo will feature a whole series of legal talks by lawyers participating in USCCA’s Legal Advisory Board (LAB). As a participant in the LAB myself, I’ve had a chance to meet with these lawyers and work with several of them, and they do great work. The day kicks off with a “Fundamentals of Self Defense Law” presentation by yours truly at 8:00am, and then the presentations by the other lawyers will continue throughout the day until 5:30pm. If you’re attending the Expo, you owe it to yourself to check out those talks.

In addition, on Saturday many of us LAB participating will also be rotating through the USCCA booth, to answer questions, sign books, or just shake hands. I’m scheduled to be there from 11:00am to 1:00pm, if you’d like to meet, but I encourage you to take the opportunity to meet with and talk to the other lawyers, as well.

Finally, some of you may have heard that I’ve partnered with the combat simulation company Ti Outdoors to create legally-sound self-defense simulations for the civilian marketplace. Ti is exhibiting at the USCCA Expo, and they’ve kindly offered to host a book signing by myself, on Saturday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm, in which they will be giving away free copies of my most recent book, “The Law of Self Defense, 3rd Edition.” Yes, I said FREE!

I do caution, however, that we planned this only at the last minute earlier this week, so I’ll have on hand only as many books as I can haul with me on my flight today–if you’d like to get one, you’d best be there right at the start. But if you miss the free books, don’t worry, I’ll have a pretty substantial discount I can offer you on a mail ordered book–just stop by and ask me for the necessary discount code. Also, of course, if you already have a copy of the book and would just like it signed, stop by and I’ll be happy to do that. Or just stop by to say hello, that’s fine, too.

OK, have to finish getting ready to head down to Ft. Worth. I hope to see a bunch of you down there.

Ti Outdoors hosts Andrew Branca book signing at USCCA Expo

Ti Outdoors, with whom I’m working on LOSD-scripted civilian use-of-force simulation videos, is being kind enough to host me for a book signing at the USCCA Expo.  This will happen on Saturday, April 7, from 2-3pm. at the Ti Outdoors booth in the exhibit hall.

The books will be FREE! and I’ll be there to autograph them.  If you’re really interested in a free book, however, I’d get there right at the start, as we are only bringing as many as I can fit in my suitcase (this was all decided just today, so no time to ship books down to Ft. Worth).   Of course, if you bring any edition of “The Law of Self Defense” that you already own, I’ll be happy to sign that one, too.

Here’s the very nice poster they made up for the event:


LI: Officer shot Terence Crutcher: “if he would’ve just done as I asked him”

Just posted over at Legal Insurrection:

Back in September 2016 Terence Crutcher — a quite large black man — was shot and killed by white police officer Betty Shelby in Tulsa OK.

I covered the case evidence in a prior post, Legal Game Changer: Terence Crutcher had “High Levels” of PCP when shot by OK police. Included in that post is an extensive discussion of the history and legal significance of a suspect not obeying instructions and returning to his vehicle.

Shelby has since been charged with manslaughter, and last night she appeared on CBS’s 60 Minutes television show. (Video here, not embed possible). The segment was hosted by correspondent Bill Whitaker.

At the time of the shooting Crutcher was acting in a bizarre manner, wandering down the road in the dark after having apparently left his vehicle unattended and running in the middle of the roadway (across the two lanes of traffic). Shelby initially drove past Crutcher on her way to a domestic violence call, but stopped when she encountered the abandoned car. (Because her siren was not on, her dash camera was not recording.)

Click here to read the whole thing.